Why does everyone need a mindset playbook for success? Because we all have visions, goals and dreams for success in our organizations, careers, businesses and in life but unfortunately many people never reach their true potential because of their mindset, limiting beliefs or an outdated playbook. 

There are 31 manifesto statements in the Playbook

This mindset playbook is designed to provide a personal framework for thinking differently. Quite honestly, we don’t take time to reflect, think, and plan; and when we are thinking, we aren’t thinking beyond the surface or strategically. I challenge you to use this playbook as a thinking tool for your business, organization and life!



Result Driven Playbook For Success

There are 31 manifesto statements. “A manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. It is simply a document that an organization or person writes that declares what is important to them. A manifesto functions as both a statement of principles and a bold, sometimes rebellious, call to action.”

This playbook will become your mindset tool for clarity, language, thoughts, behaviors and the action steps that you will take toward your success.

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About Me

Dr. Taunya Lowe, known as ‘The Riot Starter’ is an innovative, insightful, change agent who understands the concept of adding value to others. As a trainer and presenter, she is witty and engaging while offering practical solutions, healing the pain points around team progression and productivity, succession planning, and professional development. She uses a cadre of assessments to establish baselines within organizations, such as the Maxwell Leadership Game, Wiley DiSC, and 360 assessments.

She offers training coaching and consulting using her results-driven philosophy back by 20 years of research to help organizations create High-Performance Workplaces. A national and international speaker, trainer, author, podcaster, mindset coach, and consultant. Dr. Taunya Lowe is a graduate of Clark Atlanta Univeristy and Capella Univeristy. She is the founder and driving force behind the Results-Driven Philosophy and the Riot Starter movement, which consists of programs, products, retreats, and trainings. She is inspirational, transformational, and your partner for individual and organizational success. http://www.drtaunyalowe.com


As a partner to your success, Dr. Taunya Lowe adds value, to your organization using her expertise while integrating real life experiences into her methodology.

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the Hit TV Show Shark Tank, Pioneer of the As Seen on TV Industry

This fast-moving book is based on practical, proven strategies you can use immediately to get better results in your business.

Brian Tracy

Author/Speaker, President- Brian Tracy International

If you’re ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Dr. Taunya Lowe! Dr. Lowe truly cares about helping others and her ideas will make a positive difference in your life!”

James Malinchak

Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Success Secrets, Founder, www.MillionaireFreeBook.com

Dr. Taunya Lowe cuts to the chase and gently places the rubber on the road of outcome focused organizations. She reminds us that the target drives the activity and not the other way around. Ingest this dose of brilliance at your earliest convenience.

Rod Brown

Chief Operating Officer OnceLogix, , Forbes Best Small Company Inc. 5000 List

Taunya Lowe provides an easy read filled with personal experiences and proven techniques. This is a great foundational guide or “how-to” manual for anyone wanting to be a leader of people or any organization wanting to make a step-function improvement in performance. Dr. Taunya Lowe provides reflections/insights on teaming, why we run from it, and what it takes to be good at it.

Rodger Benson

Senior Operations Manager Sandy Run Roasting Plant,, Starbucks Coffee Company

This book is the secret weapon that every organization and leader can use to achieve success in business. Dr. Lowe has put together a collection of the four keys and organizational success strategies, in an easy to read guide. Her book is incredibly noteworthy and valuable to help you achieve a high-performance workplace and the results that every business and organization strives for to be successful. “Results Driven Organizations” is truly magical! Well done!

John Formica (The Ex-Disney Guy)

One of the World’s Foremost Disney Philosophy Experts, America’s Best Customer Experience Speaker, Trainer, Coach

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